Why stock up for 2012?

We've all heard the stories and possibilities for December 21, 2012.  Frankly, most are bogus, several are radical and a few are strangely inspirational. Whatever you may believe, governments, people, societies and communities across the world are preparing for the unknown.  


You and your family will have to be more proactive and assume more preemptive strategies for general prepardness in 2012.  We're not here to explain the dozens of 2012 theories floating around on the internet.  Whatever you may believe, one thing is for sure.  There will be an unbelievable economic impact on the supply and demand of basic resources such as food, water, power supply, flashlights, generators, first aid kids and other survival products.  If you need empirical evidence, do a news archive search on Y2K.  


Below is a listing of basic products you may want to consider purchasing and stocking up on for any disaster -- let's face it, the world is faced with disasters everyday from earthquakes to terrorism.


  • Food Supply
  • Dried Foods
  • Water & Purification
  • Grain Mills
  • Power Supply
  • Solar Cooking
  • Nightvision
  • Radios
  • Generators
  • Flashlights
  • Solar Water Pumps
  • Can Fuel
  • Light Glow Sticks
  • First Aid
  • Oxygen Supply
  • Protective Armor
  • Radiation Detection
  • Trauma Kits
  • Bioagent Protection
  • Military Supplies
  • Camp Survival
  • Safety Tents
  • Location Tools
  • Gas Masks
  • Fire Starters
  • Survival Kits
  • Books and Reference
  • Portable Toolkits


What none of us want is to be "left behind" and unprepared.  Being prepared will be the best decision you've ever made and will be the greatest piece of mind for you in 2012.  Fortunately and unfortunately, the internet provides information about the types of products and goods you need to stock up on.  Check Ready.gov, FEMA.gov and your local disaster assistance guidelines. You will undoubtebly find that the key tip coming from our goverment bodies is that we should always be prepared, whether it's for a flood... or a Mayan death ray from a distant planet.