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Eat This, Not That! 2011: Thousands of easy food swaps that can save you 10, 20, 30 pounds--or more!

Eat This, Not That! 2011: Thousands of easy food swaps that can save you 10, 20, 30 pounds--or more!

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That brand-new physique you have been waiting around for, the leaner, fitter, much healthier physique you believed you’d never had. Take in This, Not That! 2011—the latest, most up-to-date book in the very best-marketing excess weight reduction franchise—is prepared to start stripping additional lbs from your physique today. And as soon as you drop that excess weight, you are heading to preserve it off. Forever.
That’s simply because Take in This, Not That! is a resource. It is designed to make wise food alternatives easier, no matter wherever you are creating them. Take into account just a handful of genuine stories from genuine people who’ve drop 25, 50, 75 pounds—or more!—and you’ll comprehend why Take in This, Not That! is “The no-diet program excess weight-reduction solution”:
• Michael Colombo of Staten Island, New York, drop 91 lbs in just more than 8 months and conquered life-threatening sleep apnea, right after picking up a duplicate of Take in This, Not That!. “My self-confidence has sky-rocketed!” he states.
• Erika Bowen of Minneapolis, Minnesota, dropped 84 pounds—without dieting. “I experience like I’ve constantly wished to experience,” Bowen reviews. When she uncovered the truth about her food, she discovered she could drop excess weight and never experience hungry.
• Dana Bickelman of Waltham, Massachusetts, lost 70 lbs right after finding the surprising truth about the food items she was ingesting. Her top secret: She discovered to indulge—even at her favorite restaurants—but to do it more neatly.
Take in This, Not That! teaches you how to read nutrition labels and decipher misleading menu descriptions. It pairs basic food swaps, and helps you lower hundreds—or even thousands—of calories from your everyday diet program, without having feeling like you have deprived your self at all. Take into account:
*One particular of America’s chain restaurants is serving a pasta dish with more than 2,700 calories? (That’s nearly a pound of flab—in one meal!)
*Choosing Breyer’s Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Ice Cream more than Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream will conserve you two hundred calories for each scoop?
*The mistaken milk shake at Cold Stone will expense you more than a day’s really worth of calories? (But a wise swap will remove one,520 of them!)
Additional attributes in Take in This, Not That! 2011 include:
• The Real truth About What is Truly In Your Foods (Believe a Chicken McNugget is created out of just chicken? Believe yet again)
• The Take in This, Not That! No-Diet plan Cheat Sheets
• Foods That Remedy Any Problem
• The twenty Worst Food items in The united states
• Top Swaps at the Ballpark, the Mall, the Cocktail Get together, Thanksgiving Supper, and more!
• Restaurant Report Card—for Children
• And more!

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