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Decoding Doomsday: The 2012 Prophecies, the Apocalypse, and the Perilous Days Ahead

Decoding Doomsday: The 2012 Prophecies, the Apocalypse, and the Perilous Days Ahead

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Do megalithic monuments and books of historical wisdom anticipate the date the world ends? Dozens of books have been printed on the subject of 2012, mostly reflecting a "new age" point of view, proposing that their "pop" position of look at is authoritative and dependable. This opinion is formed by Mayan scholars, pseudo-archeologists, channelers, mediums, shamans, and alernative historians. Likewise, these pundits draw on historical sources which assortment from the Mayan calednar, the I Ching, The Kolbrin Bigle, to Plato's Atlantis. The important to our long term seems related to the study of the past. Nonetheless, on a deeper appear, present-day pop apocalyptic writers continue an esoteric custom thousands of many years in the creating. Is there a common thread operating through the meaning of monuments, alien abductions, UFOs, crop circles, the New Age Movement, conspiracy theories, Freemasonry, and Pyramidology? Decoding Doomsday argues that by learning the promises of the 2012 fans in light of apocalyptic historical past, we can make sensation of the current clamor. Futhermore, flying in the face of conventional wisdom, the writer asserts that the expectation of the Apocalypse can truly be a wholesome worry, important to the placement of reliable Christianity. Finally, he maintains Doomsday is currently decoded. History's final day is plainly disclosed in the Bible.