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Crossing the Cusp: Surviving the Edgar Cayce Pole Shift

Crossing the Cusp: Surviving the Edgar Cayce Pole Shift

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The Bad Information You Count on and the Excellent Information You Need

In July 2008, a two-phase crop circle more substantial than three soccer fields materialized in England on a farm around Avebury, Wiltshire. Unlike much more frequent symmetrical snowflake formations, this 1 evidenced a obvious and unmistakable message: That in December 2012 we will see the appearance of a celestial harbinger. A single that portends a world-wide tribulation in which existence as we know it will occur to an conclude.

Completely coherent and free of exceptions, the Avebuy 2008 formation is an urgent warning from distant close friends to those who get it and who want to get through it. That is why the first component of this ebook, "The Bad Information," presents a series of much more than 50 illustrations to decode this message with effortless-to-follow, constructing-block explanations. Supposed for the frequent gentleman, the goal is to empower the reader and this need is fantastic.

This is because those who survive the tribulation will live to bear witness to the single biggest die-again function in the heritage of our species. A pole shift as predicated by America's "sleeping prophet," Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) and it could happen as quickly as 2013. When it does, it will be a time of testing that favors the meek more than the wealthy and potent. But not for factors you may well feel.

Portion 1 - THE Bad Information

  • The Massive Image
  • The Final Pole Shift
  • The Trigger Function
  • The Dragon's Tail
  • The Great Winnowing


  • Welcome to Recognition
  • How the Meek Prevail
  • The Enlightenment
  • Transformation

Portion three - THE Excellent Information

  • We Can Do This
  • We Have Buddies
  • We Can Reprogram the Future
  • Alphabetical Index

If you get it and want to get through it, this is the ebook you've got been waiting for.