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Apocalypse 2012: The Ticking of the End Time Clock

Apocalypse 2012: The Ticking of the End Time Clock

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Could just lately fulfilled Biblical prophecy and substantial current activities indicate that the countdown to Revelation has begun? Author John Claeys (Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary), a long-time college student of Bible prophecy, has keenly watched developments in the Middle East line up to usher in God’s "day of the Lord," a special 7-yr era quickly preceding Jesus’ return to create God’s kingdom on the earth. As a consequence, Claeys felt compelled to current a crystal clear, chronological presentation of in the vicinity of-potential activities described in the Bible in buy to aid men and women prepare for Christ’s return.

This ebook has been created in these a crystal clear format, it could have been entitled, "Prophecy for Dummies," as people knowing small about the Bible will be ready to evidently recognize God’s program for the potential by reading its presentation. In addition, avid college students of Bible prophecy will be surprised at the exciting insights provided in this function. But be warned: publicity to this info could be life-changing, shifting the reader to draw in the vicinity of to the One responsible for orchestrating the incredible activities described in this ebook.

As one reviewer wrote, "Author John Claeys will take readers on a journey into the in the vicinity of potential exactly where they experience the greatest battle of great vs evil—of Satan’s king of the planet conquering the prophets of God, of war breaking out in heaven and of the armies of the earth banding together to start an assault upon God’s King as He comes to the earth to claim His kingdom. . . [This ebook] is a mindful exposition of Biblical passages describing a real, 7-yr time period leading to the return of Jesus Christ to the earth" (Dr. Earl Radmacher, theologian, creator, general editor of the NKJV Study Bible).

The story opens with a short time period in which the planet will believe it has attained "peace and security," but then "sudden destruction" will arise environment off wars, God’s judgments and a very special 7-yr time period which will lead to the return of Christ to create God’s kingdom upon the earth. This is the very first of a lot of twists and turns in this true plot of the potential. Surprises consist of the fate of two prophets who will powerfully serve God, another regarding the incredible and lightening ascent of Satan’s man from apparent obscurity in the Middle East. This will spiral into worldwide rule, war breaking out in heaven, 144,000 of God’s men and women fanning out throughout the globe to achieve the nations in spite of Satan attempting to eradicate them and the nations of the earth squaring off to battle from Christ Himself at His return. But with all of the surprises and the journey of this story, it is truly about God accomplishing His kingdom program, even through Satanic conflict and resistance—for the great of believers and for the great of the planet. It is a story of triumph, hope and inspiration.

In the epilogue, the creator solutions the issue regarding how soon this 7-yr time period may occur upon the planet. With sound reasoning and details, Claeys commences by answering the objection that we can not know when this era will seem. Then, as an lawyer arguing his circumstance, Claeys lays out the evidence which suggests this time period may dawn quicker than we feel.