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Ancient Code: Are You Ready for the REAL 2012?

Ancient Code: Are You Ready for the REAL 2012?

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Some say the end of mankind is in the vicinity of. Some say that monetary turmoil is element of the process, alongside with global warming, warfare and the unfold of mass psychosis. Young children are fed medications to maintain them tranquil nations are invaded by their neighbors the environment is altering all close to us celebrities grow to be our gods and materialism is the new mantra. But what is the true reality? Is there an response to all this? If our content lives are making us happier, then why so many self-help publications, films and philosophies? It can not be denied that the moments are altering. Each day sees new problems for our species, although we result in mayhem and madness on an unbelievable scale. But there is a ratio to it all, a rhyme and reason guiding every little thing that we do and every little thing that impacts us. Historic Code is a collection of 20 intriguing essays - from present day best authors and researchers - which takes a search at the Historic Code, our connection with it and how it relates to 2012. You will find out about a power that was initial concealed and then missing above time. Several have sought to rediscover it in buy to wield it selfishly. Like mad magicians in search of to rule the globe, adult males of renown have fleetingly witnessed the extraordinary naturel of this Code but all too frequently they have missed the point. The Historic Code requirements no content acquire, no hatred, warfare or medications, because YOU are the crucial to the Code... Featuring: Brian Allan, Jack Allis, Kala Ambrose, Nick Ashron, Philip Coppens, Robert Feather, Philip Gardiner, Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson, Andrew Gough, Jasmine Gould, Dan Green, Dr. John Jay Harper, June-Elleni Lane, Janice Manning, Marshall Masters, Brian Mayne, Steve Mitchell, Nick Pope, Dennis Price and Colin Wilson.

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