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AlpineAire Foods Strawberries, Sliced, Freeze-Dried | AlpineAire Foods | Individual Item / Fruit

AlpineAire Foods Strawberries, Sliced, Freeze-Dried by AlpineAire Foods

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Be prepared through 2012 with a AlpineAire Foods Strawberries, Sliced, Freeze-Dried. Specifically developed by AlpineAire Foods.

Individual Item / Fruit Prepare right in the pouch. AlpineAire Dessert Foods

Assist you and your family in emergency situations.

  • Ingredient: Strawberries, Sliced, Freeze-Dried
  • Individual Item / Fruit
  • Prepare right in the pouch.
  • AlpineAire Dessert Foods
  • Gluten Free with Foods

yup┬┐ Strawberries, best as a snack, on your own or as an addition to cereals and desserts.

Freeze-dried complete strawberries.

Often Asked Inquiries
How long will the foods final?
Most products have a three-five 12 months shelf existence underneath correct conditions. Items that contains shrimp, tuna, brown rice, nuts, and dairy products have a shelf existence of a single to two years.

What are correct storage conditions?
The best is a cool, dry atmosphere for our products. The cooler the better. Substantial heat that occurs in a garage or the trunk of a automobile is not great for these products.

How does AlpineAire Foods prolong the shelf existence of foods?
By making use of freeze-dried and dehydrated substances, most of the drinking water is eliminated from the merchandise. Each and every merchandise includes an oxygen absorber, which is iron oxide pellets. Iron oxide attacks the head-area oxygen remaining in the pouch when the pouch has been sealed. Oxygen has moisture so the absorber collects the oxygen and hence slows down the oxidation process that can take place. Oxidation qualified prospects to rancidity.

Is the oxygen absorber damaging?
No, it is not damaging, but do not use it as a spice packet. It tastes terrible.

What is freeze drying?
Freeze drying is a process utilized for immediate or rapid rehydration of sure dried foods. The very first step in freeze drying is to quickly freeze the foods. The drinking water material, now frozen, is turned directly into a fuel and withdrawn from the foods for the duration of the next steps, vacuum and very low-heat, hence staying away from the shrinkage. A lot of of AlpineAire's products are personalized freeze dried to go well with stringent good quality needs. Freeze-dried products incorporate grains, beans, fruits, meats, seafood, pastas, veggies, and eggs. Utilizing this process, 98% of the moisture is eliminated.

Key rewards of freeze-dried products incorporate:

  • The authentic style and nutritional worth of the foods is retained because of to quite very low heat temperature that is utilized.
  • Foods are rapid and easy to get ready.
  • There is certainly no waste.
  • It's an perfect technique for preserving flavors of meat, poultry, and fish.
  • Extends the shelf existence of the merchandise.
  • No preservatives are essential.
  • Final results in a tremendous-light-weight, compact merchandise.
  • A extensive variety of foods are obtainable.
  • Use hot or cold drinking water to rehydrate.

What is dehydration?
The normal technique of dehydrating veggies and spices is to place the objects on a conveyor belt and run them through an oven at a large temperature for a relatively short time. About 90 to 95% of the moisture is eliminated.

Some veggies are far more suited to this sort of drying than other people. This indicates that with the addition of drinking water, the merchandise rehydrates back to its authentic state far more very easily. Preferable objects incorporate: onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, celery, carrots and mushrooms. Dehydrated objects these kinds of as peas, corn, and green beans do not rehydrate as effectively as freeze-dried.

What are correct storage methods?
It is critical that you retailer foods appropriately:

  • Avoid exposure to heat and moisture make confident foods are not accessible to bugs or animals.
  • Never ever retailer foods directly on the ground or on concrete floors--moisture can create up within containers.
  • Avoid these kinds of storage spots that experience temperature create-up these kinds of as attics, garages, or automobile trunks. Ideally, storage really should not exceed place temperature for prolonged periods.
  • Keep in a location which is accessible so that periodic inspections are easy and you can rotate supplies.
  • Avoid extreme and rough managing of pouch and canned foods.

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