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2012 TWO PATHS: End of Days or A Beginning?: A Guide to Understanding 2012 And Changing the World's Current Path to Impending Doom

2012 TWO PATHS: End of Days or A Beginning?: A Guide to Understanding 2012 And Changing the World's Current Path to Impending Doom

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On December 21, 2012, Earth will full a rare procession cycle that happens after each twenty five,800 a long time. At this time, Earth and the Sun will align with the Galactic equator of the Milky Way Galaxy. Maya calendars conclude on this date, signifying a pivotal level for all of humanity and warn of reoccurring throughout the world destruction. Prophets from numerous different cultures echo the risk of worldwide catastrophe, but it is also probable that a new era of peace will emerge.

Burtenshaw carefully analyzes prophecies of the Maya, Hopi, Nostradamus, the Egyptians, psychic Edgar Cayce, the Bible, and other folks who foretold of apocalyptic activities set to arise in 2012. Some foresaw harrowing destruction, but other prophets noticed excellent guarantee for us. They knew that human beings are essentially good and want to operate carefully with one one more to collectively boost our regular of residing. Many prophets mentioned that if we strive to change our latest route to self-destruction, we will be successful!

Two Paths differs in numerous approaches from other sources regarding the activities of 2012. Burtenshaw proposes intriguing new interpretations of age-previous prophecies regarding the approaching date of December 21, 2012, including prophecies about President Barack Obama. Burtenshaw's perception also extends to problems we have faced for centuries and unveils radical tips for logically fixing these problems. He reveals that activities of 2012 and the state of the entire world are intertwined and demonstrates that the "apocalyptic" final result of the 12 months 2012 will be established by how mankind proceeds in the following few a long time.

Scientists say we are rapidly approaching a tipping level - a level of no return - wherever the harm we have inflicted on Earth will be irreversible! The financial system is crumbling prior to our eyes, and is taking our livelihoods with it! The country wide personal debt is predicted to ambigu in five a long time, and triple in ten! Thousands and thousands of individuals are dropping their employment, homes, all hope, and have nowhere to turn. If nothing is carried out to proper these problems, the nation will quickly go bankrupt!

What if you knew that the $23 trillion leg-up for Wall Street really should have been and even now could be a $one hundred,000 check ($200,000 per few!) in each American adult's pocket to aid in having to pay off their homes? What if you knew that problems plaguing our nation - like the failing financial system, housing and education fees, unemployment, problems on wellbeing and dental treatment, terrorism, overpopulation, poverty, outsourcing, crime, and the destruction of Earth's ecosystems - actually had reasonable answers, if we made the decision to help common good around individual greed?

Two Paths lays out a concrete plan to repair the financial system, preserve the world, and recapture handle of the forces that direct this excellent nation. This ebook reveals that the very first phase in fixing the world's problems, rather of continuing with existing stimulus plans, should be enact a plan for the "People's Bailout" by distributing a $one hundred,000 housing allowance to each grownup citizen. This would remove mortgage and rent payments for the regular American, forever, and in retrospect would be cost-free! Which would aid the financial system a lot more: continuing existing stimulus plans that we pay out on forever, resulting in tiny change for the common individuals of the nation, or having to pay off the regular American's house in retrospect for cost-free and setting up our foreseeable future generations with housing, forever! After implementing this plan (along with numerous radical new tips logically offered in the ebook) people's attitudes and the financial system would bloom! The wealthy would gain from the plan a lot more than the very poor!

This ebook also sheds mild upon prophecies related to our time and applies them to the contact for a lot-required action. The techniques contained the following will awaken the American spirit and foster a brotherly really like that understands no geographical boundaries. As soon as upon a time, the United States was a superpower of tips that altered people's lives. Be a part of the battle, and with each other we can make it back again to that location in the sun!