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2012 Apocalypse Rising

2012 Apocalypse Rising

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  • 2012 Apocalypse Rising is a newly published book that contains the most current, up-to-date 2012INFO and FACTS about 2012. When all of the scientific FACTS about 2012 are put together a NEW and STARTLING picture emerges...a picture that you will NEVER see released by any news source or government agency....BUT a picture you need to evaluate, confirm, and PREPARE FOR!
  • 2012 Apocalypse Rising is available in both paperback and Kindle instant downloadable formats.

2012 ~ The Mystery, The Prophecy, The Predictions ~ They are all based upon real-time SCIENCE...not Superstition! AND...You would not imagine what you never know! 2012 APOCALYPSE Rising presents of all of the Newly Released, UP-TO-THE-Moment Details disclosed in 2010 by best scientists from about the entire world. When all of the information from the world's most outstanding minds is Finally set jointly a new and startling picture emerges...rivaling even the best of any of Stephen King's novels. It is a picture that is both intriguing and startling, but 1 that you require to know ...because Information is your only Power...the Power you require to make Claim to YOUR Rights to SURVIVAL...not only for by yourself, but for individuals you enjoy. So, set on your seatbelt and buckle up for the ride of your life! No matter what you conclude from the information offered in 2012 Apocalypse Rising, 1 issue is for particular will by no means search at the entire world about you in the same way yet again...and this is 1 guide you will In no way leave Property without having! YOU have been Decided on...and YOU CAN SURVIVE! GET the Information and the Power you require to Claim your RIGHTS to SURVIVAL, NOW!